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...Not a fan

Mariska Hargitay Too Fat to Star in SVU

Mariska Hargitay too fatBecause of this (and this picture) Mariska Hargitay is too fat to continue on with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.. According to my sources, for the rest of the season she's taking maternity leave, which has already started due to film schedules. The baby boy, with husband and SVU guest star, Peter Hermann, is due in June. In recent episodes, she wasn't shown below the chest, and barely seen on screen at all, although her face didn't look as plump when they filmed. In the trailer for the next, we see her character "Liv" (Olivia) gets badly wounded. I have heard it from an intelligent source that Dick Wolf would not dare kill her off due to her popularity, and Mariska loves the show too much to leave. This plot line simply gives the actress time. She'd better exercise this summer! Just saying.

posted by ashley

uhm i think you seriously need to watch your words. the women is pregnant. d you expect her to be 115 lbs? moron.

posted by Sarah Joelle Snarker

Wow. Do you not get humor or irony? Do you not get entertainment spin? Entreating people to read an article?

Anyway, Olivia is not pregnant, so yes. Fine. Mariska is too "pregnant" (although, that's much more dumb of a phrase, "too pregnant." There is, or there is not) to star in SVU.

Btw, maybe you should watch YOUR words ("moron?"). Just a thought.

posted by Sarah Joelle Snarker

By the way, I am a big fan of Mariska, so nwah in your face. It's the reason I'm even paying attention to her.

Get with the flow.

posted by Anjela T.

Really I agree with everyone that you guys need to actually think about people and how the feel when you publish this stuff.Im a big mariska hargitay fan so watch your back next time you write somethan like this about mariska!!!!!!!

posted by Anjela T.

Hay Sarah email me mariska_hargitay_lover@yahoo.com we can talk about this k?? 13 f ill

posted by Sarah Joelle Snarker

Oh, these people probably won't read tiny us.

But ...

Hey, Mariska, come send me hate mail if you think I be hatin', K's? You my girl, yo. Omg, I lurve you!!! teenyboppah@gmail.com 19 f ca (OC babay!)

Watch yo' back, hataz. Our blog (oh, this'll be edited out later, I'll get some smackdown, I'm sure).

Sarah J.

So stuff it.

posted by natasha


posted by Phyllisonymous

Let her be! she's 49 and fantastic-you think those emaciated dowager actresses look better?

Mariska looks healthy. She had a child late in life. Hard to take the weight off. I met her Mom in Brooklyn 50 years ago as a young teen and believe me mariska turned out great!

posted by wggmn3

Ahhh, that helps explain a lot - particularly...

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